Monday, August 17, 2009

WIN a free Britax Marathon CS...

If you have seen my GIGANTIC baby you may be able to understand why I am looking at transitioning out of the infant carrier and into a convertable carseat before he is even six months old.

He is a large child. Toppling the scales at 90% and 95% for length/height at 4 months. He is almost too big for the infant carrier but i'd also like to have a super premium carseat.

I love my children and want them to be protected in the event that something happens! I would desperately love to confidently buckle him into a premium carseat every time i put him into the car, but my limited finances simply won't allow me to lay out hundreds of dollars for a carseat. When your income is as minimal and sporadic as mine is look to really stretch your dollars. It is a very difficult balancing act. I don't want to risk his safety, and he's in a safe carseat but I feel he would be safer in a higher quality one.

Great news though!!! Recently I was looking around the blogosphere and came upon a very interesting giveaway in the first time around's blog. She is having a Christmas in July celebration (it is August now - I realize!) She has several other giveaways but the one i'm interested in is this: Britax is partnering with her to give away a Britax Marathon CS. The carseat has some amazing qualities. The two i am the most interested in are: Built in lock offs which secure the car's seatbelt so that the carseat does not and CANNOT wobble. The child's carseat cannot move more than an inch to the side or back and forth at the belt path. This is FANTASTIC because i have such a hard time getting my carseats to properly lock into the backseat of my matchbox car. I also LOVE the HUGS system. This is the Harness Ultra Guard System which reduces forward head movement and according to the website cushions the chest in the event of an impact. If you look at the benefits of this carseat it seems so incredible.

One thing that strikes me about this giveaway is that the chances of winning it are so fantastically good. at present count there are only 774 entries in the contest. You are allowed to have multiple entries so I figure the chance of winning to be somewhere around 1 in 400 right now which are pretty good odds.

Do you have children who could use this seat? Grandchildren? nieces? nephews? close neighbors? I can pretty much guarantee that everyone reading this knows someone who could use this carseat.

If you win - you have an amazing gift to give someone. If you don't - all it cost you was a little time and you might learn something in the process. (I learned I hate technorati and should not ever log into it again.)

PSST - I'm also willing to bet if you win the carseat and can't think of a single person to donate this to that the church can find someone within the matter of a day or two and if they can't I KNOW Dr. Bill can!


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