Monday, August 17, 2009

Make a Difference Monday - The short list

If your eyes have never strayed from my captivating text to look around the rest of the page then you may never have noticed the make a difference monday short list that is located at the very top right of my I thought I would share what you may be missing! This is what the list looks like: You can click on the store name to go straight to the post to see HOW to make that item free or super cheap! It is my hope that this small box on my page will save you time and effort in your endeavors to save money, whatever the reason.

If there are printable coupons available then you can print them from the individual pages linked to from the box. The drugstores generally take a little more work to make items free. If you need help, please ask :)

*Please note* this is just a selection of items that I thought might make good donations and/or are super cheap. There are other suitable items located within the pages depending on your personal budget. If you have suggestions please feel free to contact me :)

Sobe Life Water- 20¢
Band-Aid brand Band-Aids - 99¢ ea **Walgreens is better**
Various school supplies through tuesday - FREE after ECB
Total: $1.19

Harris Teeter:
This is just a smattering of what is available...

Mahatma Rice 2 lb bag = FREE
French's Mustard = .19
Dawn Dish liquid = FREE
far too many to list. Go here or here this week.
Total: 19¢ plus tax

Cheerios - 21¢
Trix - 39¢
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix - 29¢
Total: .89 ¢

Ronzoni pasta 39¢ for 2 boxes
Knorr Sides - FREE
Glass Plus Glass &Multi surface cleaner 25¢
Schick Quattro power razor, Asst. Varieties - $1.50
Total: $2.14 plus tax. or .64 plus tax without razor

Walgreens - Please see Southern Savers for a detailed Newbie Guide to Walgreens shopping!!:
Softsoap Nutri Serum - FREE
Kotex products - .99¢ ea
Degree Deodorant .99¢
Palmolive Dish Liquid - 74¢
TOTAL = $2.72 + Tax


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