Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Walgreens: 4 day sale!

In my morning reading today I read on Common sense with money that apparently Walgreens has plans for a 4 day sale that starts tomorrow and runs through saturday!! Something that is really cool about this sale is that Walgreens is having a special deal where they will be giving back a $5.00 RR on purchases of $25.00 or more. They are not including stamps or prescriptions or things like that in the promo...

$2 RR wyb (2) Pampers Jumbo Diapers or Training Pants for $20
-$2 or $1 off Pampers Diapers or Training Pants, PG 8/02
-$1.50/1 Pampers Easy Ups Trainers, PG 8/02
-$2.00/1 Pampers Easy Ups Trainers, Direct Mailer (Potty Training Kit) Exp October 2010

$20.00 - 2 pampers jumbo easy ups
$02.79 - 1 tub huggies wipes
$02.79 - 1 tub huggies wipes
$25.58 Total
-$4.00 on Easy ups (2 2.00 easy ups from direct mailer)
-$1.00 on huggies wipes (2 insert coupons)
-$4.00 Store coupon out of the walgreens back to school coupon booklet
$16.58 = out of pocket cost
$5.00 RR - Get this back for spending $25.00
$2.00 RR - Get this back for buying the diapers
Total cost to you?
$9.58 for 2 jumbo packs of pampers & 2 tubs of huggies wipes... the wipes are .29 ea so you pay $4.50 per pack of pampers easy ups. That's right at half price!!! (Even with insert coupons - the $1.50 ones for the pampers easy ups? you pay $5.00 per pack - totally not bad!!!)

Do you have any ideas for a scenario?! share them with me!!!!


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