Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Harris Teeter Ad Highlights August 19-25

Because I am exhausted and still have two other posts I need to write I am just going to do some highlights of HT and i'll fix it tomorrow :) I promise!!!

The e-VIC Item of the week is a 10-pack of Minute Maid Juice 100% Juice Boxes for .99 cents limit 1 per household. ($2.48 for non e-VIC members!)

Managers Specials:

arm & hammer detergent - BOGO
Bertolli pasta sauce - BOGO Rings at half price
Betty Crocker fruit snacks BOGO rings at half price
Budweiser barbecue sauce BOGO rings at half price
Budweiser wing sauce BOGO rings at half price
Chinet party cups BOGO
Coke 12 packs 4/$10
Comtrex BOGO
Contessa Sesame Chicken BOGO
Cucumbers 2/$1
Deer Park Water 24 pack BOGO
Driscolls red raspberries BOGO
8 O'Clock Coffee BOGO
Emerald Nuts BOGO $$$$
EZ Peel White Shrimp B1G2
Finish Electrosol BOGO
HT Cheese & Lunch meat - BOGO
Hamburger Helper BOGO
HT Ice Cream - 1.99
Hellmans BOGO
Iced Brownies BOGO
Apple Jacks, Frosted Flakes, Corn Pops, Froot Loops BOGO
La Brea Baguettes BOGO
Mars candy bars BOGO
-FREE chocolate Friday coupon should take off the cost of one.

Ground Chicken BOGO
McCain Potato products BOGO
McCormick Taco Seasoning BOGO
Motts Apple Juice BOGO
Natures Own Bread BOGO
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice BOGO
OM Beef Bologna BOGO
Perdue Boneless skinless chicken breast BOGO
Phillips ceiling fan bulbs BOGO
SAMY hair products BOGO
Smuckers jelly BOGO
Strawberries B1G2F

Baked Goods:
Fresh baked cookies 2.97 12 ct
HT Bread .97
Old fashioned cake 8.99
Pepperidge Farms Swirl breads 2/$5

7 up or diet 7up 12 packs 3/$10
HT OJ 1.97
Tropicana juice 2.50

Kraft Singles 2/$5
Sargento shredded mozz 2/$4
Sargento String Cheese 2/$7

Ben & Jerrys 2/$6
Morningstar farms 2/$8
Starbucks ice cream 2/$6

Delmonte fruit cups 2/$5

Smithfield 2/$6
-$3 printable on Smithfield bacon from Here. Click Sign up at the top of the page and sign up to get to print the coupon.

Pampers Jumbo Cruisers - 7.99
Pampers Underjams - 8.99
Pampers Mega Diapers 14.99
231 count pampers wipes refill - $4.99

Pepper Plant - $4.99

For the rest of the deals for now go to until I have time to do some matchups and since both of my kids just woke up - won't be tonight :/


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