Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Target **DONATION**

I am SO EXCITED about Target this week.

There are so many great deals that would be amazing to donate that I don't have time to link them all. .... so i'll list them and link you to the information. I'll be a little better soon :)

*According to my friend Nikki There are a TON of recycled items that are only $1.00 each!!! (I assume in the clearance section...she will correct me if i'm wrong :)

These things can be picked up at Target this week SUPER CHEAP
General Mills Cereal Cups--Free
Artisan Mini Loaves of Bread --Free
Apples --Free
BIC Pens - Free
Kotex Liners --Free
Rayovac Batteries --Free
Poptarts - .22 Cents
Kellogs Cinnabon Bars .75

Remember these prices are AFTER coupons so you do need to do some work to get these prices - but trust me - it's not that much work!!!! Be sure to click over to Crystal's post to get the whole scoop for the printable coupons and whatnot. Also there are more Target deals over at Stretching a Buck!!


Courtney Baker said...

Thanks for the info! Those are some great deals!

Carol said...

Oh but Courtney....they get better...wait till i post part 2 of the target deals!!! :) they are pretty incredible!

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