Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spiritual Sunday

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday as much as I am. God spoke to me in so many ways this week....

Wednesday, my cousin Wendi blogged about her pastor's sermon about people making something out of nothing and basically charging his audience (she said he was addressing the teenagers) to basically use their time wisely and not spend so much time during the day wasting time (Video games, texting etc)

Friday Morning a High school senior & dear friend of mine posted this in facebook:
"When they all had enough to eat, he said to his disciples, 'Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted." -John 6:12

Today at church was part 3 in Brother Bruce's 4 part series on getting a Fresh Start through Jesus.

I was dealing with my two children so I failed to write down the actual scripture that Brother Grubbs used in todays message but the story can be found in either Mark 5: 1-20 , or Luke 8:26-39 or Matthew 8:28-34 though that version differs a bit from the first two. It is the story of the man who lived among the tombs who was demon-possessed. Jesus cast the demons out of him and into a herd of pigs. The pigs were so crazed by the demonic presence that they stampeded off a cliff into the water and drowned. (Interesting side note: This story is a bible story that seems to really spark the imagination of horror writers and inundates pop culture, it has been referenced many, many example: The Exorcism of Emily Rose.)

This man who was possessed lived in the tombs in this area. A question posed during the sermon was this: Do you think that the man was crazy because he lived in the tombs - that the presence of all of that 'ickyness' of death kind of made him crazy or do you think he lived in the tombs because he was crazy? The pastors answer was "Yes."

I will not explain this nearly as eloquently as Brother Grubbs did today but what I took away from the message was this: All the garbage in your past life that weighs you down and makes you feel less than good enough, or that clings to you like a leech etc. you have to let go of it. Jesus can help you let go of it. Only through Him can you rid yourself of the feeling of an unclean spirit and receive a fresh start.

It is because of this message that I am led to share with you what He has done for me. I want time to pray about it and to type it all up but I will share with you what demons He has exorcised from my life. You may not be aware that I have several anxiety disorders. I also have agoraphobia and was a shut in for 10 months! Stay tuned for this on Wednesday!

Note: If you would like to see this worship service and hear the actual version instead of just my interpretation, there are DVD's available of the service - you just have to contact the church to obtain them. I don't know what cost exists in this. I keep forgetting to ask! I'm so sorry!


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