Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eggo Deal at Harris Teeter

Ok so I'm not even sure this is still valid but i'm on myway to harris teeter this afternoon to check it out.

Harris Teeter has a promo right now where you buy 10 boxes and get 10 dollars off your next order.

You can also use the receipt from this transaction for the kellogs fuel for school.

You make $3.40 even with no coupons.

I grabbed a few fuel for school coupon booklets this week (one from each of 3 stores hah) so Here is my transaction I plan to do today:

$16.60 = 10 boxes of eggo waffles (Do i need waffles? no....will my brother eat waffles? Uh yes. I have neighbors who have kids also so these won't go to waste!)
$6.00 = Fresh fruit - any....don't really care ....
-$6.00 coupon from fuel for school book (3 coupons -2.00 on fresh fruit WYB 2 boxes of eggos)
$16.60 = what i pay.
I'll get back a $10.00 coupon and put the rest of my order through (Triple coupons on all my other stuff today baby!) and use that $10.00 coupon on it. then submit the receipt from the waffles for fuel for school and will make $3.40 for bringing home 10 boxes of waffles and 6.00 worth of fresh fruit. Sound great? I think so!!
My brother hates the way I shop because he says it is a hassle and it is inconvenient and he doesn't like having to go through all this "inconvenience."

Is it really that inconvenient to just tell the cashier "I have two different orders. The fruit and eggos all go on the first one. Thanks!" then after they ring that up hand them your coupons, then pay...let them scan the rest of your items and pay again? How hard is that? And you get your groceries for $10.00 cheaper....what is not to like?


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