Thursday, August 20, 2009

My drugstore plans this week

I have to tell you all being a mommy is such busy work that I don't even notice the days passing! how is it already Thursday?

So here is a quick & Dirty condensed post of my plans for CVS/Riteaid/Walgreens....Please do plans include what i already have in the way of ECB's & RRs so you likely won't be able to grab the same deals I do but I am trying to reduce my Extra Bucks (CVS) and Register Rewards (Walgreens) down to as little as possible. Otherwise I am risking losing them!

I also have a monster shopping trip planned for publix. I plan for a large portion of it to go to the church. If they turn me away I guess I'll hit up the homeless shelter in Nashville. Of course this is dependant on the items I need being in stock :) I have five rainchecks!

Haves: ECBS: 10, 4, 1.98, 1.98
Need: 4/20 coupon. I'll have to check the pharmacy when i arrive.
Verizon phone card 2/$30 cards - B1G1 I THINK

Transaction 1:
$5.99 L'Oreal Cleanser
$14.99 L'Oreal Deep Set Repair
$20.98 = Total
-$4.00 ($4 off any facial skin purchase of $20 or more)
-$5.00 Printable for the eye cream
-$1.00 off Cleanser
$10.98 due
-$10.00 ECB = .98 + tax due.
Get back: $10.00 ECB (This makes the eye cream and cleanser .49 each

Transaction 2:
$5.99 Everpure Shampoo
$5.99 Everpure Conditioner
$9.56 4 glade soy candles 2 oz.
$21.54 total
-$4.00 $4/$20 coupon hah!
-$2.00 Everpure Shampoo, conditioner or Treatment.
-$2.00 Everpure Shampoo, conditioner or Treatment.
-$9.56 4 Free 2 oz soy based candle from Glade
$3.98 Amount Due
-$1.98 ECB
-$1.98 ECB
$.02 + Tax = Amount due.
$5.00 ECB back I make $1.02
then I will turn around and submit for the L'Oreal Mail in rebate that is here and get a free makeup bag with samples in it.
Leaving with more extra bucks than i came in with, expensive eye cream , cleanser, shampoo , conditioner and 4 candles. I feel like a bank robber!!
Rite Aid
Nothing excites me about RiteAid this week...I think i will skip it
Starting with 2 $4 RR's
4 day sale you get 5 RR's when you buy $25 worth of stuff.

$2 RR wyb (2) Pampers Jumbo Diapers or Training Pants for $20
-$2 or $1 off Pampers Diapers or Training Pants, PG 8/02
-$1.50/1 Pampers Easy Ups Trainers, PG 8/02
-$2.00/1 Pampers Easy Ups Trainers, Direct Mailer (Potty Training Kit) Exp October 2010

$20.00 - 2 pampers jumbo easy ups
$02.79 - 1 tub huggies wipes
$02.79 - 1 tub huggies wipes
.51 Jordan lip liner x3 (This is a filler so that I can use my coupons)
$26.09 Total
-$4.00 on Easy ups (2 2.00 easy ups from direct mailer)
-$1.00 on huggies wipes (2 insert coupons)
-$4.00 Store coupon out of the walgreens back to school coupon booklet
$16.58 = Total
-$4.00 RR
-$4.00 RR
$8.58 Out of pocket cost
$5.00 RR - Get this back for spending $25.00
$2.00 RR - Get this back for buying the diapers
So i'll have spent $8.58 plus tax on this. The lipliners were .51 , the wipes were .29 ea which leaves $7.49 So i'm paying $3.75 per pack for 2 jumbo packs of pampers pull ups.


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