Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Blog reading list...

Okay I don't have time to dedicate a bunch of separate posts to these things (plus i know a LARGE number of my readers subscribe via RSS feed to their e-mail and I don't want to get sent to their spam filter (Rightly so - it would be like 12 different emails for goodness sakes!)

Money Saving mom:
Free KING SIZE Reeses peanut butter cups and possibly free DOG FOOD at Rite Aid
Whole Foods Free flower bouquet AND Rotissere chicken. (FREE CHICKEN)
Two free Museum passes for september 26th.
Free Eosphere lip balm

Common Sense with Money:
New Internet Printables, Florida Crystals, Ballpark Franks, and more
2 pair of Crocs as low as $11.00

Just for Me...and You...
Eco Store giveaway (ORGANIC GIVEAWAY)

Jolly Mom:
Giveaways post - she has a TON of giveaway links they are not scams.


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