Thursday, June 3, 2010

Free rentals from Blockbuster!!

Have you ever seen the big blue Blockbuster kiosk near your house?  They like to lurk in bushes.

Okay fine ;) I'm just teasing!!!  We have one in our Publix here.  They blend in so you really have to LOOK for them.  You might also want to do it the easy way and just check HERE to determine if you have any near you. 

Just in case you have a kiosk near you and you'd like to have a movie night on the cheap....

here are some codes that came across my facebook feed today:

GL14A (expires 06/30)

NSCD6Q (expires 07/11)
AZ6MHQ (expires 07/11)

I got these codes from over at Coupon Clippin' Daddy's site.  I really enjoy his site!!! You may wanna check THIS POST for more details on renting from the blockbuster kiosk :) While you are over there - tell him "Hi!" :)


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