Monday, June 7, 2010

Couponing for Beginners

When you are new to anything it is easy to feel overwhelmed. When I first started shopping smarter and using coupons like a mad woman, I was VERY overwhelmed. What helped me was having a very dear friend show me the ropes and introduce me to a few blogs. After that, I was constantly fed tidbits of information from the blogs I read. Based on some comments I've received, I think there are several of you feeling very overwhelmed. My goal is to help get rid of that feeling!

I am starting a series of articles that will help break information down into bite-sized, easy to understand morsels. I want to help you learn the skills necessary to shop smarter, stick to a budget, save money and live within your means.

The method behind my "madness" includes such tactics as:

  • Meal planning around Sales
  • Learning to Shop Smarter using your local coupon matchups
  • Tips and Tricks for shopping chain stores such as Kroger, Publix, Walmart, Target and More!
Topics covered in this series include:

  • Coupon Basics
  • Where do I get coupons?
  • How do I store or organize my coupons?
  • Setting a Budget and sticking to it
  • How do I create a Meal Plan?
  • What is a Stockpile and why do I want one?
So sit down, pull up a chair and put your feet up! I hope you enjoy and learn a lot from this series. If something is unclear, needs further explanation or you have ANY questions, please feel free to email me ([crazycouponcarol][at][gmail][dot][com]) or leave questions in a comment. I am happy to address the question on the spot...and it might be a subject that many have questions about and I may create a whole post to explain it :)

Look for the first installment of this series coming very soon.  Be sure and subscribe to get my money saving tips delivered to your email and then you'll never miss a deal!!
Upcoming posts in this Series:

Couponing For Beginners
Coupon Basics
Coupon Lingo
Where do I get coupons??
Coupon Organization
Setting and Sticking to your Budget
Meal Planning 101
What is a Stockpile and why do I want one?


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