Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ALL YOU Grocery Challenge Starts June 20!

There is a contest starting on June 20th and I want to be sure that you are all aware of it.  The prize for winning? $1000 grocery card and a feature in All You magazine.  I entered this last year but didn't win.

This is a $25.00 Grocery Challenge.  The contest runs from June 16th until July 17th 2010.  The idea is that you keep your grocery budget to $25.00 per person PER WEEK for that month. So a family of 4 gets a grocery budget of $100.00 per week.

This is the criteria they are judging the entries on:
Staying within contest spending guidelines (50%)
creativity and ingenuity (25%) (in other words...don't eat frozen pizza 30 meals a month)
healthy choices (25%).
Spending guidelines are: spend no more than $25 per family member per week on groceries for four weeks.
Children under 12 months need not be included.

You do need to save your receipts and keep track of how much you spend on food.  Eating out is included in that grocery budget too by the way :)   I am going to take this challenge.  This means that I will be shopping for 3 people for only $75.00 a week.  That is a completely attainable challenge.  You just have to be creative and plan around sales.

Are any of you planning on entering? What does your grocery budget work out to be?

Some of my suggestions for being creative:
Do you or a neighbor have a garden? Free veggies or homegrowns don't count in the grocery budget!
Do you have a large stockpile? Maybe you need to just eat on your stockpile for a month - it will help clean it out AND keep you under budget.

Just think - if you won that $1000.00 grocery card - what would you do with the extra money that would free up?

I would just squirrel it away and use it for my gotta have expenses. :)

If you choose to enter - let me know :) I'd love to keep up with your progress!!
You can sign up HERE.
After the sign up process they give you the option to get TWO FREE issues of All You magazine - a free trial, if you will.  So you can decide if you like it - if you want to cancel after those two issues then you can and will owe nothing.  I currently have a subscription I won from Common Sense with Money last year.  It's about to run out so I guess it's time to hunt for a deal on that magazine!!


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