Tuesday, June 1, 2010

$10 off of a $10 purchase at JCPenney.com

Was just about to start writing when MoneySavingMom posted this on her blog and it popped up in my twitter feed.

You can actually get $10 worth of merchandise for FREE from JCPenney plus get some money back.  Here is how:

Step 1: Sign up with Ebates (or Sign into your existing account)

Step 2: At the top of the screen in the dark green bar there is a search box.  Search for JC Penney by typing "JCP" in that box and clicking the magnifying glass.

Step 3: Click on the link to select JCPenney and then you click the red button that says "Shop now"

Step 4: Choose $10.00 worth of stuff.  Personally? I'm shopping the clearance section!!!

Step 5: When your cart reaches your desired total (At LEAST $10.00...can be more, but can not even be $9.99) check out. Use the coupon code DADROCKS at checkout to get the $10.00 off your total.  Shipping is a flat $5.95. 

Step 6: Not really a step but I have a theme going ;)  According to Moneysaving Mom within 30 days your account with ebates will be credited that 3% cashback from your shopping experience (A whopping 30 cents from a $10.00 trip but are YOU going to scrunch your nose at free money? I'm not!!) Plus if you are a new sign up ... you get $5.00 in bonus money :) I like the freeness in this :)

I now have an awake 14 month old.  So i have a few more deals coming tonight - keep your eyeballs peeled :)

If you choose to buy - What great deals did you find????


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