Thursday, May 27, 2010

RX Discount Card

Wow! This is kind of cool.  IF you don't have full health insurance coverage for your medication and are not filling your prescriptions or are just having trouble eating because you don't have enough money left over after buying your meds or WHATEVER...this program is pretty cool.

Go HERE and choose your medication, put in your name and email address and click submit.  It takes you to a screen where you can put your address, phone number and date of birth and gives you the option to print out a card to take to the pharmacy to get a discount on your medicine.  It even tells you the projected discount. 

To give you an idea - I put in Risperdal because I KNOW that drug is pretty pricy. ($350 for a months prescription is pricy in my book!)  According to this page I could save up to 50% on that.  So if you are currently paying $350 for 1 month of meds ... $175 a month saved is HUGE! :)

I hope this helps someone!! :)


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