Thursday, May 13, 2010

Review: My Lady Dye: Stunning Stationery

A few days ago I participated in a business expo where I took my marshmallows to try to get awareness out about my yumtastic treats.  For roughly 10 hours I got to know one of the nicest and most talented handcrafters I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

Diane is the creative dynamo behind "My Lady Dye," a stationary shop on Etsy that is begging me to spend some cash. After looking at her creative designs all day last Saturday I am already planning the girl's 3rd birthday party. Of course it will be princesses and there will be all kinds of party favors and such that I absolutely don't have the patience, time or space for.  If you are sitting to my left in that boat, then let me tell you, Diane has ALL of your decoration needs for parties, weddings, and showers covered.

The treat bag above has incredible detail and these have to be tedious to create. Obviously I care about saving money and $1.89 for each bag may seem pricy at first until you consider all of the incredible time and detail that goes into EACH tiny feature of this bag. Check out the detailed pattern at the top of the bag...and the tag with the letter P is 3 layers thick, she had to print those layers, cut them out all perfect then manage to adhere those layers together WITHOUT making a mistake. That ribbon is no joke to tie either. If you are gifted and have the patience and creativity to make this work then I salute you....I have creativity aplenty but before I was born, the line for patience was too long so I just couldn't wait..... :)
These cute little tags are only 59¢ each. So even if you are on a tight budget you could make paper bags full of candy and then buy some of these sweet little personalized tags to tie to the bags.

These are so cute!  These little paper cones are actually way bigger than you'd think.  The full sized ones are 12-inches long and measure 3-inches across at the top of the cone.  These cost $1.99 for each one.  They can be personalized as much as you want.  They might be really nice for a wedding or to REALLY splurge on a sweet 16 party.  If I just saw a photo of these online I would probably not be inclined to actually purchase these...but having seen them in person, I have a few ideas.   Here are my ideas for using these cones:

1 - Have a movie-themed party and have Lady Dye make these cones for you in a fun party theme like polka dots with your child's name or initial personalized inside the cone.  Use these to serve popcorn and other snacks in, instead of bowls.  If you have a relatively small party and rent movies from Redbox using a Freebie Code OR if you have Insta-Netflix then you have a movie marathon just waiting to happen.  That's some cheap entertainment!

2. Create your own Candy Station - Pick up candy on sale, using coupons, try to score it on clearance after the holidays if at all possible to try for as close to free as possible.  Let's face it...Clearance candy is the best!  JellyBeans are JellyBeans, Easter or not! This is the same with M&M's and as far as those go....if you have a teenager who is all about red & green...Christmas M&M's are your friend :).  Now you have your candy right?  Fill up some bowls with candy and set them out on the table and let the kids fill the cones with the candy then place the filled cones into a cello bag and tie with a twist-tie (Make sure the cello bag --just fits-- the cone and place the twist tie down low enough on the bag to hold the candy inside the cone.  Be sure to affix a tag to each bag so that each child gets the correct cone.  So this takes care of the favor AND Provides an activity!
3. Pre-Fill each paper cone with your own mix of candies and tie them in cello bags for a very attractive party favor to send home with each child.
Lady Dye offers ALL kinds of stationery solutions for almost every need.  All of her items are handmade and are therefore higher priced than most "mass-produced megastore-bought" items.  The reason her items are more expensive is because the quality is so much better than storebought would be.  Her items are NOT mass produced.  Her items are handcrafts. 
Like I said....My daughter has her third birthday party coming up in October...I think my paypal account will be visiting Lady Dye's shop!!!
Full Disclosure: I was given a favor from Lady Dye at the business expo totalling 66¢ in value.  It was of very high quality.  She provided this to me free of charge, but it was not in exchange for the review.  All comments and opinions are my own.  She did not ask for me to write a review of her product, I volunteered because I thought her product was really sweet and beautiful!  I was not compensated or paid in anyway in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by anyone. Please refer to this site's Terms of Use for more information.


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