Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I received an email from a reader letting me know about this.  Thanks Sarah. :)

There is this awesome work at home mama who is painting these clothes that are too cute for words.   Want to see? You talked me into it!

So what's the contest?  Here is what you do to enter:

Go HERE and click the "Like" button (AKA: become a fan) and write on their wall and tell them that Carol Wright sent you :) (That's ME!)

Then you share the link to the page with ALL of your family and friends and ask them to go and do the same for you (leave a comment saying who sent them)  The winner will win a two piece handpainted outfit (Girls OR boys) of their choice :)

How awesome is that!?  FREE is the best deal of all!!

So if you get a chance please pop on over to their facebook face and help one of us win an outfit :) 

Have a beautiful day!!


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