Saturday, May 29, 2010

How, Why and When I am using Twitter

If you are following me on Twitter you may have noticed I tweet a lot more.  I know some of you are very Savvy when it comes to Twitter and some of you - don't even know what Twitter is.

I have recently begun using Twitter more often to communicate with fellow bloggers and to learn more about blogging so that I can improve things around here and make them more user friendly and provide you with better quality articles.  I really want you to all be successful in saving money :)

In the process of using twitter to communicate with others, I have also begun re-tweeting several really good deals as I find them.  So you might come across tweets from me that I don't post about.  You could look at those as Twitter exclusive deals.  There are also facebook exclusive deals.  I tend to tweet late at night while I am writing up posts and reading email because my babies are sleeping then.  This means mama is quite tired the next day. :)

I am thinking of having some regular Twitter time when I can make myself available to be online and have twitter open so I can help you in real time with any sort of questions you might have.  If you need a deal found, I am happy to help you look for one.  My friend Donna tweeted and asked me to help her find a deal for her son's birthday gift.

Initially I will be available for sure on Monday and Wednesday from 2pm until 3pm.  I know it's just two hours but you can always drop me a comment or an email :) I respond very quickly.

I hope you all have a beautiful rest of your Saturday!


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