Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Get a $50.00 Gift Certificate to Land of Nod - For FREE!

Do you have any truly healthy and Kid friendly recipes laying around?  How would you like to score a $50.00 GC to Land of Nod while sharing your expertise with other parents??

Tastebudding is a recently-launched site that allows you to find and share kid-friendly and healthy recipes!!!  They have been featured in DailyCandy Kids and on Martha Stewart radio.  These folks are awesome! They do not advertise on their site because they are commited to being just a resource for parents!
Now here is where the deal comes in.  If you share 5 recipes including a photo of each one...they will give you a $50.00 GC to the Land of Nod!

Your recipe should not contain brand names.  So your recipe can call for greek yogurt but not yoplait greek yogurt. Ideally the recipe should not contain preservatives and should be minimally processed, and low in sugar.

Have you ever heard of the Land of Nod?

And I am not referring to the home country of Master's Winkin, Blinkin and Nod either ;)

Land of Nod has some TRULY cute kid's stuff. The play table to the left is one of the items they carry.

They have some pretty good pricing on some things.  Other things I kind of flip a little at the prices but over all I am rather impressed with this store.

What Recipes do YOU plan to share?


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