Thursday, May 13, 2010

20% off advanced auto parts orders online

Here is something REALLY cool.  I know *I* am excited about it :)  Right now if you hop over to advanced auto parts you can shop to your little hearts content then use the coupon code DA20 to snag 20% off of your overall purchase! You can choose to have it delivered to your home and possibly incur shipping charges or ship it to the store and just go pick it up for free shipping. 

As you are aware, I'm a single mother.  This means that I am responsible for maintaining my own car.  Fortunately I'm somewhat of a tom boy so turning wrenches (boy-speak for workin' on cars) is something i'm not totally unfamilliar with.  I'm still a "total girl"* though so there are days when I just don't wanna mess with my car so I call upon one of my dear friends who have that special love for workin' on cars going on.

My friend has been harrassing me about changing my oil since it's that time....So....this coupon is HUGE for me! I just bought 6 quarts of castrol oil and an oil filter for $24.98!!!!

If I were smart...I would have bought the 6 gallon option for $88.00 since that would get me almost 5 oil changes and i wouldn't have to buy oil again this year.


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