Friday, April 23, 2010 80% off with special code

I don't eat out 99% of the time.  We ate at Chik-fil-A today and we ate there for my son's birthday in March and that's been IT for me to dine out since December.  Those are budget busters for me.  ESPECIALLY sit-down restaurants.  I am thinking about splurging a little bit this week.

Do you know about I got a reminder email today to let me know that they are running an 80% off deal right now!! There are a few options with them that could help you with Birthday Gifts or Mother's day or just helping to salvage your food budget.

A $25.00 gift certificate normally costs $10.00 without any promo codes. But using the current promo code which is "MEAL" and the links below, you can take 80% off of that!! So that means you get a $25.00 certificate for $2.00!!! These aren't like traditional gift certificates though - please read all of the fine print before you buy!!

Save 80% on $25 Gift Cert. Use code MEAL and pay $2 thru 4/30/10.
You can also join the dinner of the month club each year for $10.00 a month! Since you are taking 80% off this gift is only $2.00 a month!!

There are 3, 6 and 12 month options:

3 months = $6.00
6 months = $12.00
12 months = $24.00

Here is a sampling of restaurants available in my area:
Joses Gourmet Grill
Nile Ethiopian Restaurant
Lil Pauls Smokehouse
Avanti Gourmet
Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse
Fattoush Cafe

I am thinking about picking one of these up for my mom and my mother-in-law.  This might be a pretty cute gift from the babies and pretty pocketbook friendly!!! My brother has a birthday coming up at the end of May and this just might be his Birthday gift!
I know I would be excited - I might grab one for me and maybe one


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