Thursday, April 1, 2010

Meal planning in the jungle...

Oh hello there Mr. Monkey Wrench! Nicetameetcha!
So.  I was gathering recipes and was STOKED about my planning out meals for the year.

Have I mentioned lately that ole Mr. Murphy who wrote that pesky law is my mortal enemy? He is the oil to my water, the Dr. Evil to my Austin Powers. Seriously!

Most of the recipes I make on a regular basis involve some form of dairy.  I should own a cow.  We already know I want to own chickens.  I have to talk my dad into that one first.   Baby steps.  Need to convince him on the chickens before I move on to cattle.  Also I think my neighbors would notice a cow ;)

So anyway, most things contain dairy.  Even recipes I try out from Amanda over at A Few Shortcuts...She might not add dairy but I find some way to slip some in.  My son who is 54 weeks old has developed an allergy to dairy.  He's not diagnosed yet - I need to make that doctors appointment, but when you have symptoms and then mommy takes away ALL DAIRY and your symptoms disappear, I really think we can all add two and two right?

So now I have to re-think everything meal wise!! It's not really that bad, Just more work for the mama!

Here is my plan for the rest of the week:

Friday - Roast of some sort.  Onion, garlic and such.  I forgot mushrooms and have a metric ton of marshmallows to make so can't really leave to go to the store tomorrow.  MAYBE I can in the afternoon but it'll be too late then.  So I'll have to find a different side.
Saturday - HAM!!!! with Orange-Brown Sugar glaze...except...I can't find the recipe I I will be winging it. Also I must find some sides to go with this that don't involve butter or milk. 
Sunday - Princess and the Frog-Fest

What are YOU doing for this weekend food wise?


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