Monday, April 5, 2010

GREAT Catalina deal at Kroger on Non-Dairy milk!

So I've recently been on the "Does my child have an allergy? Pls check yes or no!" balance.  I am trying to figure out if milk makes his tummy ache.  In the process of finding my son a milk alternative I found Almond milk.  Have you ever tried it? It is thicker than regular milk (about like eggnog from the store thick) and creamy and I think it's darn good!!!

Right now at Kroger if you buy the Blue Diamond half gallon Almond Milk you get a catalina for a FREE Half gallon of the Silk almond milk!!!!!!!! Yes, I said it, F R E E...

And when you snag the silk milk you get a coupon for .75 off of the milk you are buying.

So here is what my transaction looked like today:

$3.39 (Blue Diamond Almond Milk)
Paid for this plus tax.
$FREE Silk Almond Milk

I paid $3.39 for a GALLON of almond milk.  That is cheaper than regular milk.

If you drink milk alternatives such as rice milk and/or soy milk and don't have tree nut allergy problems in your home - you may want to give the almond milk a try.

I think it's delicious and I've actually used it in various cooking projects.  I've made:

French Toast
Fried Mushrooms
Scrambled eggs

It does well, the vanilla works fine for french toast but i'd avoid it for savory items :)

Hope this helps someone! :)

Kids are in bed, though sleeping fitfully :/

Time to start Day 1 of P90X.  Too bad I didn't do this early this morning.  it would have boosted my metabolism and had it high all day.  Now i'm going to work out before bed & will have trouble sleeping BUT My metabolism will be up all night ;) So any of you who have chosen to healthify your life - how are you doing?!


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