Friday, April 23, 2010

Ectaco jetBook lite Electronic eBook reader $99.00 + $2.95 shipping

Ectaco jetBook Lite Electronic eBook Reader has the   Ectaco jetBook Lite Electronic eBook Reader for only $99.00 with a $2.95 shipping fee!!!  I was a little bit skeptical at first as to whether or not this was a good deal with the rest of the e-Readers topping $400 for their price tags. (Well, some of them)  But then I read through the various comments about this product.  The first review on my screen was about 10,000 words and was incredibly thorough.  That gentleman knew his stuff!!!

 Some of the features of this e-Reader are:
  • Support of ePub, Mobi, PRC, RTF, txt, pdf, fb2, jpg, gif, png, and bmp file formats
  • Support of DRM format through Barnes & Nobles. True pocket-sized portability for thousands of eBooks.
  • Support for eBook contents Screen rotation support for both portrait & landscape modes. SD card slot. Batteries 4xAA
  • Bidirectional dictionaries for certain European languages (including German and Spanish) are available.
  • Pre-loaded CIA World Factbook. Bookmarks and auto page turn functionality. Adjustable font type and size.
  • Multilingual interface options that include German and Spanish.
So you can "check-out" books from your local library with this e-Reader.  I am not really sure how that works.  If one of you knows...please comment and i'll be happy to update this post!!!

This reader uses the format that Barnes & Nobles uses so you can read those books through this as well.  You might want to check prices at your local outlets (Best Buy, Electronics Express, walmart etc.) and see if you can find one of these to look at and hold in your hot little hands BEFORE purchasing online.   This seems like a fantastic deal to me though.  If you have any input please feel free to comment :)


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