Saturday, April 17, 2010

Coupons worth printing. + Wheaties Fuel Catalina Deal

You may want to check here and see if the $3.00/1 Huggies coupon has reset for you. It expires May 1st and the end date for it is midnight tonight.  so HURRY

Green Giant boxed veggies -50¢ / 1 (Free at Kroger in Nashville this week!!)
Yoplait Greek Yogurt -30¢/1 (Cheap at Kroger this week!!)
Leapster game, any -$5.00/1 (will disappear 4/24/10...expires 4/30)
$1.00/2 pints Starbucks Ice cream.

OH MAN here is a smokin hot deal for you!!!!!
Check at your local Kroger.  Mine has Wheaties FUEL on "Store Special" for 99¢ a box and it normally retails for something ridiculous like $5.00 a box.
I just found a coupon for 75¢/1 Wheaties Fuel which makes the boxes 25¢ each!!!!!!
It gets better though guys...

$1.98 Buy 2 Wheaties Fuel Cereals
-$1.50 (Use two 75¢ coupons)
48¢ Paid plus tax & Tax on coupon
You SHOULD get a catalina back for $1.50 off THREE GM cereals.
Next Transaction:

$2.97 Buy 3 Wheaties Fuel Cereals
-$1.50 (use your catalina)
$1.47 plus tax due for 3 boxes of cereal.

So you get 5 boxes of cereal for $1.95!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FULL DISCLOSURE: All Links in this post are my affiliate links. What that means in english is that I get paid a small fee for each coupon you print after you've clicked through my link.  This post contains only links to coupons at which are coupons you'd likely print anyway :)  So if you choose to print all of your coupons via my links then I definitely won't complain :)


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