Friday, April 2, 2010

CHEAP Magazines at Tanga :)

So in my efforts to lose some weight and get healthier I stumbled upon a sweet, SWEET deal.  I already managed to score a free subscription to Shape magazine last year which will end soon but I just paid $3.99 for a 1 year subscription!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I could have paid $7.98 for 2 years etc. up to 4 years !!! but I don't have that kind of cash.  Maybe you do :)

Go here to get your cheap fitness magazine subscription.  Remember to use the coupon code fitness $3.99

There are several more:
Go here to get every day with Rachel Ray for $5.99 (Supposedly it is $2.99 but it rang up $5.99 for me!)  Use coupon code - everyday

There are several more listed over at but honestly my kids are attention-mongers right this second SO here is the link to the post ;)


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