Friday, March 5, 2010

Tag Jr Easter Books!! $2.28 ea @ Target

I am soooo excited to be able to share this with you guys :) ...I found over at Couponers United this morning and I am super excited!!!

My daughter has the Tag Jr. Reader and I absolutely ADORE this toy!! My son is getting one for next Christmas or Birthday - I haven't decided which yet.

Check out this deal scenario at Target:

$34.93 ( 7 Tag Jr Easter Books at $4.99 ea)
-$14.00 (7 $2.00/1 Tag Jr Book Coupons) this is a pdf file, can be printed unlimited # of times.
$15.93 total due plus tax.

$2.28 per book!!!!!!!

For more printable coupons check out Couponers United's post here.
*While I'm printing at Target I also printed $1 off Kids oral care (Crest toothpaste or oral-b toothbrush), $1/1 Tylenol Pain reliever ETS, $1/1 Band-Aid bandages ETS, and $3/1 Hasbro oral care & band-aid make for free toothbrush and free bandaids, tylenol because I will likely have to buy some childrens tylenol today and the game coupon just in case... i'll post about bandaids and toothbrushes next.


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