Monday, March 29, 2010

Princess & The Frog Family Fun Fest

My daughter has been DYING to see the Princess and the Frog since last November. I kept meaning to take her to see the movie in the theater but it just never came to pass because we had her little brother to worry about and no baby sitter. When she sees the movie or any paraphenalia in the store she practically has a seizure over it "OHHH!!!! Mommy!!!! The PINZESS AND THE KROG!" "OH LOOK!" and it destroys me to have to tell her no.

She doesn't know it yet but that ole Easter Bunny is leaving this movie for us Sunday and we are going to get to have a Princess and the Frog Family Fun Day!!!

I figured I'd share with you folks in case you want to do something similar with your kids. I totally stole this idea from Kristin over at Couponing to Disney. She posted about wanting to do it and I was like "OH WOW!!!!!"

So here is the game plan:

Setting the scene:

We are in a swamp in Louisiana:

We have a Discovery Kids Indoor/Outdoor Play Tent that the kids LOVE to play in. It normally lives in the play room but I took it down tonight when I moved my daughters car bed in there at her request. On Sunday I am going to set it up in the living room with a sheet under it (Brown for the swamp!) and put a blanket in it and have it sticking out like a "Porch" for me to sit on because Mommy is far too big to fit in the tent. I am going to gather all of our little frog & lizard & Snake toys to play with because they belong in the swamp! also any gators and crocs we have ;)

I want to turn the lights off in here and eat by flashlight and the dim light coming in through the window - then turn on the movie.

Casting the Players:
Mommy = the old voo doo witch woman from the movie (haven't seen it so i don't know her name)
The Girl = A PRINCESS Of course :)
The Boy = A frog ..maybe just in all green or i might dress him as a duck or we may just pretend ;)


Here is our menu:

Red Beans & Rice with smoked sausage
"Alligators" (going to fry some green beans and call them "Alligators") ooo or might go with "Fried Dragonflies" :)
Apple slices with peanut butter & raisins on them...."Flies on a leaf"
Mud Pie (dirt pudding! complete with worms!)

After we eat dinner we may play a game or two but i'm not sure what we'd play with just me and two babies. :) (I am NOT Lithe OR thin enough to play leapfrog!!) Then we'll watch the movie.

I wanted to stay away from eating "Frog legs" (Chicken nuggets cut to LOOK like frog legs) or frog cupcakes because 2 and a half is that very WEIRD age where that might upset and/or scar her :)
Thinking about maybe busting out some marshmallow snakes but I have several marshmallow orders to make this week anyway and a marshmallow snake is a LOOOOOT of sugar for a 2 year old!! We'll see :)

Do you have any ideas???? :) How do you entertain your kids and make things special?


dinkybelle said...

you could play a version of red light green light or mother may i with them! just place some of your swamp creature animals in a scattered line and tell them they have to save them from the witch (or whatever more creative ideas you may have)

the first one to gather up 5 animals and bring them to safety (you)gets a small treat (with the second place winner getting something only slightly less awesome, lol)

just an idea.

or they could just draw swamp pictures, the animals in the swamp, a princess all dressed up...

sorry they aren't great ideas, but they're ideas and i know you're creative enough to tweak them! <3

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