Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cranky? Teething? or Really sick?

Ok I admit it. I am NOT super mom. I try to do it all but I simply can't. As you probably are aware, I run the WHOLE Show around here. I am mom, dad, CEO, Chef, baker, author, writer, web designer (i never said i was great at this stuff!) etc.

Single parenthood is difficult.....right now I am positively stumped...Ever have those times with your kids when you can't decide if the child is sick or just in a bad mood???? What do you do???

A little more information...

The past week the boy has been EXTRA clingy, he did have the croup last week but got over it for the most part. ALL he has done today since he woke up is cry. It's that high pitched whine like he's in physical pain but then he gets over it really fast and acts like there is nothing going on. He doesn't grab at anything like it hurts or wince or give me any sign something hurts.

No fever either. So what do YOU do when you are faced with uncertainty? Go to the doctor, wait and see.....?


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