Friday, March 12, 2010

BP Giftcard deal coming for Publix

Hey! There is this super awesome rumor going around that there is a deal coming to Publix where you can get $10.00 off of your purchase of a $50.00 BP Gift card when you buy $25.00 worth of groceries.

If I am not mistaken, in the past that $25.00 can also be before coupons ;)

I heart Publix also has a very rare super early ad up on her site here right now but this is just rumored- no ad in hand but you could start piecing together deals.

Here is a suggestion if you have the cash in your budget:

$25.00 worth of groceries
$50.00 GiftCard
-$10.00 Coupon for Giftcard
-your coupons
=$65 - your coupons. If you go for just the Freebies or have $20 worth of coupons then you will have paid $45.00 for $50.00 worth of gas and $25.00 worth of groceries.

Plan to spend $100.00 (before coupons) for your grocery trip this week???

IF you have the mad money - break that up into 4 orders and for sake of argument if they are all the same as above then you COULD spend $180.00 for $200 worth of gas and $100 worth of groceries. I sure wish I could do that but I can't.

Remember - because of the way Publix's computer system works, This will work out a little bit differently with Food Stamps.

$25.00 in food.
+$50.00 BP Gas card
-$10.00 BP Gas card
-$20.00 coupons for the food. (sake of argument again)
$75.00 - $30.00 = $45.00 in CASH that will have to come out of your pocket instead of just the $40.00

Again - if you have the cash available (Income tax refunds anyone?) I highly recommend doing this. it means you save 80% on your gas :


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