Saturday, February 20, 2010

Write the Manufacturers!

I haven't beat this drum recently so thought I would today ;)

I had a need to speak with Barilla Pasta today so I wrote them an email. I invite you to do the same.

Why would you send an email to a manufacturer??

There are several reasons:

*You have a problem with their item.
*You LOVE their item.
*You want to suggest something to them about an item.
*You want to request the reinstatement of a discontinued item...
(Several Morningstar Farms lovers are all up in arms about the discontinuing of the hotdog related products. (hotdogs & corndogs &....well that's it) So here is that link for you. (I tried the hotdogs once...Lila wouldn't eat them and I found them tasteless and bland, but we LOVE all other MSF products we've tried!!)
*You want some coupons!!

If you write them for any reason above for the most part they will most likely send you coupons anyway.

I had a problem with one of the Digiorno Ultimate Topping Pizzas a few months ago. These pizzas are AMAZING. Absolutely INCREDIBLE. They have so many pepperoni on them that I have a hard time finding a non-pepperoni'd spot. The crust has a light garlic flavor and OH MAN so many reasons to LOVE this pizza....Well I happened to get one that only had 17 pepperoni on it :( (They normally have over 30 each!! and yes i counted!!) i sent them a detailed letter and told them I cooked the pizza anyway thinking maybe the wrong kind of pizza was put in the box but the crust was the same.

Anyway they sent me a free product coupon to make up for the problem.


Nashville Cheapster said...

Good idea! I've done that a few times and have received coupons about 50 percent of the time. Digiorno Ultimate Topping is also my favorite frozen pizza. I think I'll send them an email.

Carol said...

Yes. Definitely send them an email -companies LOVE feedback in my experience!!! I have gotten several FREE ITEM coupons and now that I think about it i need to use a few of my free item coupons - I have a free oust coupon and a BOGO oust from a recent insert!!! :) can you say two free?!

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