Friday, February 12, 2010

Vista Print

Vista Print always has awesome deals on business cards and address labels and such.

Vista Print

I have two sets of business cards. One that shares the address of this blog and one that shares information about my gourmet marshmallow business. (yes I said marshmallows :) )

140 address labels ship for $3.11!!!

Go here to order.

Why is this useful?

There are so many things you can use business cards for!
Mommy Cards - The next time you are at chik-fil-a or at church and your kid has REALLY hit it off with another kid - whip out one of these babies and hand it to the mother of the other child. If you have your name and all contact info (including your kids names) on the card then the other mother has all info she needs to get in touch for a play date - right? :)

Different Child Informative Cards - Autism is a disorder that has REALLY touched my life. I know probably 10 individuals who are diagnosed with autism. Sadly, some uninformed and uneducated individuals tend to stare or make comments about these amazing people. Parents or other caretakers may find it useful or a way to turn a positive into a negative if they have a pre-printed card that basically says "Hi, my child is not misbehaving, my child is diagnosed with Autism. Autism affects 1 in 99 children and the number of children diagnosed is rising. Please feel free to seek more information online at _(insert website here)_"

Address labels could be used as address labels or labels for your children's items etc.

Feel free to seek more ideas and order here.


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