Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mini Product Review: Vita Coco 100% Natural Coconut Water Plain and Coconut Water with Acai & Pomegranate

Yesterday I received an 8 lb mystery package! What was in it?

I grabbed my trusty scissors and opened the box and here is what I found:

A case of Vita Coco 100% Coconut Water!!! 12 beautiful Tetra packs all to myself! I had never tried it so I was super excited!
From left to right, coconut water with tangerine, coconut water with passion fruit, coconut water with pineapple, coconut water with acai & pomegranate, coconut water with peach & mango and pure coconut water.

So remember how I said it was all to myself? Never have I been more wrong in all my life!! My 2-year old was begging to drink one. So I shared with her. Last night we tried the Plain.

Vita Coco: Plain

To the left you see the girl hamming it up for the camera.

I poured the girl an ounce into a "Big-Girl" cup and let her drink that. I wasn't 100% sure she would drink even that much. She hates anything not in the water-milk-juice trio.

I sipped on the rest while I finished up dinner.

The Verdict:

The girl LOVED it. She drank her ounce, then licked the inside of the cup, then stuck her fingers in the cup trying to get all of the liquid out. I have never seen her do that before. She then set about attempting to steal mine at every twist and turn. She managed it a few times and i'd catch her holding my tetrapack greedily gulping down Vita Coco. She had an existing sippy cup she was carrying around that was full of apple juice. So I don't think she was just thirsty. I think she REALLY loved it. My kid is incredibly picky, she is not one of these kids who willingly tries any old thing. I'm going to give this a 5 out of 5 stars for her.

What did I think?

I took my first sip last night and really expected it to have a strong coconut flavor. It didn't. That was kind of disappointing to me because I was hoping for that but I got over it :) it's okay!

It was lightly sweet and towards the bottom did have more of a coconut flavor. I didn't gulp it after shaking it up so possibly the coconut flavor was heavier than the liquid? I don't know...The lack of a strong coconut flavor could be a positive or negative depending on if you like coconut or not. I have a friend who is a marathon runner who would LOVE to drink this because of the health benefits but he hates coconut.
The flavor was pleasant but it did leave a slight flavor of coconut in my mouth and the liquid was slightly thicker than water and had a different feel than plain water in my mouth. (Of course it did! it's NOT Plain water!)
I would give this 4.75 stars out of 5 stars.
Vita Coco with Acai & Pomegranate
This afternoon we tried the Vita Coco Coconut Water with Acai & Pomegranate. My 11-month old pitched a complete fit to get his hands on this. Can you see the absolute joy on his face here that he is holding the Vita Coco??? We all tried the Acai & Pomegranate.
The Boy:
Being only 11 months old, I don't know how developed his palate is but he loved it. He kept pointing at it telling me "Juice! Juice! More? Juice!" He probably drank about 1 oz. I don't know that it is/was suitable for an infant but my son has had almost all of the "taboo" foods thanks to his sister. He cried when I told him it was all-gone. He even chose to drink this over his bottle. (Granted - formula is pretty nasty but he sure is attached to his "ba."
I'd give this 5 out of 5 for him.
The Girl:
She liked this but not as much as the original. I asked her if she wanted more and she was indifferent. She didn't chase me down and try to steal it this time.
I asked if she liked it and she said she did.
I think it's a 4 out of 5 for her.
I like pomegranate but it always reminds me very much of grape. I make pomegranate marshmallows that still always have a very grape-y flavor. This to me had quite that grapey flavor that again was not unpleasant but it was definitely there. I know that the flavor was pomegranate. I didn't taste the Acai very much. I found this flavor to be much sweeter than the plain and the flavoring all but hid the coconut taste. I only really noticed the coconut flavor after each drink.
It was very refreshing and the health benefits are great!!
You can become a fan of Vitacoco on facebook here.

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I won this case of Vita Coco as part of a giveaway through which is a website that allows you to try new things for free & share information about them with others. It's kind of a word of mouth website.
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I won a case of Vita Coco as part of a giveaway by It was provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or a pr company representing the company. I was not asked to review it, I chose to. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by anyone. Please refer to this site's Terms of Use for more information.


John said...

Hey! This is John from What a thorough review! Great pictures of our Vita Coco promotion, I hope you enjoyed it.

Carol said...

Hey John :) thanks for the comment :) We really enjoyed the promotion. :) My little girl absolutely LOVES The plain coconut flavor. I think if I allowed her to that she would drink that to the exclusion of all else. Sadly I can't afford that as a single mother but if I could I would TOTALLY buy it for her all of the time :) She LOVED it!!! My son was ready to drink all of the pomegranate one ;)

Summer said...

Sounds interesting! I am not sure if I would ever go out and buy it, but free sure does work! Glad you go something cool to try!

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