Sunday, February 14, 2010

Christmas Crafts: cute & nearly free way to package food gifts

Okay. Back before Christmas my super awesome friend Summer who I am borrowing from my sister (I promise i'll give her back!!) sent me this link.

That link leads to an article explaining how to make these for Christmas:

I am TOTALLY not off of my rocker. I know you THINK I probably am with the Christmas word up there and there are some of you pondering ways to smack me through the computer. I know you are - admit it!!!!!!

Thought so ;)

Hopefully you won't hit me so hard when you realize what i'm saying.

Today is February 14th. You officially have 313 days until Christmas Day. This means several things. It means that us procrastinators have like 300 days till we have to even think about Christmas right?

I heard a rumor the other day that some people actually like to plan for the future. (Crazy concept if you ask me!) So I was thinking tonight as I opened yet another can of Campbells Chunky Soup that I have a nice supply of those cans and I've been eating soup a lot lately. I recently discovered my dad bought one of the can-openers i'd need to make these.
These would be amazing for gift giving!!
This would be a great way to "Fancy up" a homemade gift. You could even repurpose these for BIRTHDAY gifting throughout the year. If you use short cans like chicken or olive cans you could use them to give candies like M&M's for birthday favors or use them for packaging larger items like cookies or caramel corn or whatever you wanted to give :)
So be sure to check out the not so idle hands of this person. Also totally unrelated but if you want to put a "if lost please call ..." tattoo on your kids - she explains how to make them here.


Summer said...

I actually made one of these for my sister-in-law at Christmas! It was super easy. The hard part is finding a can that does not curve out, thus making it unusable.

Carol said...

Summer: what do you mean curve out? do you mean like having a rounded bottom? or is there something i am missing? Both Progresso & Campbells chunky soups look like they'd work. Please advise :)

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