Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Terrific deal on Nestle Good Start Formulas at Publix starting today or tomorrow

My son uses Nestle Good Start (The Green can :( ) Why frownie face? Because it's expensive!!! ($27.99 for the 25 oz can and $17.49-ish for the 12 oz can) My son goes through 12 of the smaller cans a month. Do the math on that one and you will understand why I am happy to encourage his love of solid foods!!!

(for the math challenged and the lazy that is $209.88 a month)

So I am sure you can see why I would be excited by this!!! I just got back from Publix and wanted to share this with you...

In the new weekly ad (1/20 or 1/21) Publix has a -$5.00 in ad coupon on Nestle Good Start formula this week. It is a STORE coupon. This means if you have any manufacturer coupons that you can pair those with this store coupon to save some cash!!!

Some folks are lucky enough to get the $10.00 checks from Good Start (I can't figure out how to get on that mailing list :( ) You know? That makes this an incredible deal (especially if you use the green can)

...but for the rest of us...

The cans at my publix have $3.00/1 peelies on them. So I did this:

$27.99 Nestle Good start protect + b
$27.99 Nestle Good start protect + b
-$5.00 (Store coupon)
-$5.00 (Store Coupon)
-$3.00 (MFG Coupon)
-$3.00 (MFG coupon)
$39.98 for 50 oz of formula.
$19.99 each

So I paid $2.00 more for a 25 oz can of formula than I would for a 12 oz can.

For those of you who can use the orange can....this is an EVEN BETTER deal!
The $5.00 off coupon works ONLY on the 25 oz cans and the $3.00 peelie works on 12 oz cans or larger.



Bess Carter said...

carol,I found you via iheartpublix. I too use the good start formula. Go to the nestle website

They are linked with Gerber somehow too. Your first welcome packet will have an $11 dollar check/coupon and other smaller value ones. I signed up my 3 best friends too. Last time Publix had this in ad Q I stocked up and got $16 off each can with my friends Q's and mine. I wish I had more b/c I am running out! I hope that helps! You will get some good Gerber Q's from them too.

Carol said...

Bless you Bess!!!!!!! I tried to sign up before but I think because my mail is screwed up here that I'm not getting a lot of my coupons :( but seriously - THANK YOU!!!!

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