Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Swagcode out - good till 5pm PST

So if you go here and read the Swagblog there is a swagcode in the text towards the bottom good for one swagbuck on any search and win site.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a search engine that rewards you with points called Swagbucks (These can be traded in for prizes.) There is a wide variety of prizes to choose from but most peoples favorite is $5.00 at Amazon.com It costs 45 swagbucks and really it's not that hard to get to 45 between swagcodes and searches. You get 3 Swagbucks when you join.

Tips for using Swagbucks:
*Search until you win in the morning - it doesn't matter what you search for - try a few searches or if you do a lot of searching throughout the day try your search on swagbucks first - it uses ask.com and google.com as the actual "engine" behind it so frequently it works just as well as google.com by itself!!!

*Search until you win in the evening - same rules apply as above. I use swagbucks.com as my regular search engine and once in a while i pop over to google depending on what i'm looking for or what swagbucks is bringing me back.

*Be sure to become a fan of swagbucks on facebook - frequently there will be a swagcode announced there or a swaghunt will be announced.

*Grab the swidget from swagbucks (Or just use mine - you can search with it or check it for swagcodes - mine is at the bottom right of my main page)

*Read the swagblog daily - there are frequently codes in the blog!

*Convince your family and friends to sign up because when you refer someone - every time they win swagbucks - YOU DO TOO!!!*Download the swagbucks searchbar and use it to search - it also tells you how many swagbucks you have and they sometimes send you codes right to the swagbar!!

You can go here to join. My friend Kristin earned over $1,000 in gift cards in six months time last year. Another friend of mine earned $400.00 worth in the same amount of time and I only earned $45.00 worth in 4 months time..but I had bigger fish to fry than searching for things online

Swagbucks is a completely free deal...you pay nothing to use it and ultimately they pay YOU to use it.I HIGHLY recommend signing up... it's too late to expect to benefit for Christmas 2009 - but we can ALL Plan for Christmas 2010 and Birthdays - Right?! Thought so!


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