Friday, December 4, 2009

Pom Wonderful Contest - A Few Shortcuts needs your help!!

Pomegranate Citrus Glazed Pork Chops

Amanda over at A Few Shortcuts is like my very own personal chef. She develops recipes that are seriously like a party in your mouth. She invents...I cook...I eat...a great time is had by all!!

I know Michelle at I heart Publix is also a huge it's not just my weird taste buds...this chick is talented. You really should check her blog out here.

Why am I writing about Amanda? Well - I am so glad that you asked that!!! You saved me a lot of work ;)! Amanda has entered a contest over at POM Wonderful with her above Pomegranate Citrus glazed Pork chops ... they really are yumtastic (And if you don't like pomegranate i bet this would be delish with concord grapes and plan to try that next!!) Amanda needs your votes for her recipe!! She was in first place a few hours ago - I'm not sure where she is now but if you could see your way clear to hop on over there and look at the recipes (And preferably vote for Amanda!!!) that would be awesome. I looked at the other recipes and i have to tell you - drinks aside (and one or two desserts...) Hers REALLY is the most appetizing. Go Here to vote.

You can see her post here wherein she explains a little about the contest :).

Some of her recipes:

Crockpot Pineapple Chicken - This baby is like chinese takeout that you make at home. I plan to make this tomorrow and will post pictures of my dish for you (or for Amanda to steal or what not!) and let you know how it turns out. Here is the cool part - because I stockpile - I don't have to go to the store. I have every single ingredient in my house right this very second!!! (ok to be fair it takes like five things...chicken, pineapple, soy sauce, onion, chicken broth...easy!!!)

Pomegranate Citrus glazed pork chops - In the words of my baby girl - OH WOW!!! This thing is great. In fact it has started me on an incredible pomegranate kick. When I go to bed tonight i'm taking a bowl of pomegranate arils with me and i plan to eat them every one!! *i'm not a huge pork fan...i loved it as is but i tried it with chicken too and it was TOTALLY TO DIE FOR!!!*

Crock Pot Tip Roast with homemade mushroom gravy - For some reason EVERY TIME I make this it falls apart but it doesn't matter - it always turns out amazing. I LOVE this recipe. I totally need to go snag some more mushrooms so i can make this recipe!! I LOVE IT! I made it on Thanksgiving to go with my turkey!! My sister liked it too I think - I don't know - can't really speak for her :)

Crock Pot Cranberry Chicken - Oh heavenly food. Seriously this is great!! But don't cut your chicken up in advance. It WILL DRY OUT! (That is a tip from me to you - also chicken tenders are a bad idea in this one...the sugar on the outside of the chicken is what does it - i'm convinced. because the last time i made this the smaller pieces of chicken were dry while the larger pieces were super juicy and tender. This is totally a Carol Problem and NOT an Amanda Problem :) My 2-year old LOVES THIS!!

Caramel Apple Pork Chops - This was like a serious party in my mouth. I kept expecting Kid Rock or Charlie Daniels or Jay Z or SOMEONE to ring my doorbell!! it was ridiculous how great this is. My 2 year old scarfed this down and if you know her...she doesn't eat. She drinks...juice...and milk...and that's it...but when this came out of the oven she shouted "OH WOW!!! MAMA!!! WOW!!! EAT!!!" so for her - that's huge :)

Homemade Chicken Nuggets - I make these all the time for my daughter - they are SUPER easy and i put them in the freezer. She hates chicken nuggets but loves mine :)

2-for-1 meat meals - burritos and bbq sandwiches....delicious!! this freezes well too!!

I just read back over this post - lots of caps and lots of "!!!"'s Do you think I love Amandas recipes or what? :) Try them - you will NOT be disappointed. They are delicious and easy.


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