Saturday, December 12, 2009

Playskool activity ball super cheap @ Target!!

Common Sense With Money had a post up earlier today that came through on my facebook feed (become a fan and it shows up conveniently right there among all of your socializing - it is WONDERFUL to help you keep up on deals and steals!!!) Any way....she posted something that i'm super excited about ... The Playskool activity ball - seen here - which is a wonderful toy for little fellers like my lil Tyler!!!

My little man is not even 9 months old and he is seriously keeping up with the Joneses (aka his 2 year old sister!!) He can almost walk, he eats solid food and he plays with some of the same toys that she does and some toys he actually understands and can operate better than she can!!!! They have a small pop up pals that just baffles her and frustrates her to no end. He can work the whole thing :) So I have been stalking this toy because it looks like it could be a lot of fun for him but as some of you are financial situation is not the greatest. That's another post for another day!!!

So here are the bare facts as I know them....Target has apparently started clearancing some of their toys!! This is among them....Several targets are being reported as having this clearanced to $11.27 ... someone commented on the post and said They were reduced to $7.98!!!

This isn't even the cool part!! The cool part is that totally has a $5.00 coupon for this toy available!!! If your store has this clearanced to $11.27 it looks like you are paying barely over $6.00 for a terrific baby toy. Have a newborn? buy it and save it!! it's a great way to save money!!


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