Monday, December 21, 2009

money in yo pocket round up!!!

I am EXTREMELY cheap. I'm not just frugal man i'm super cheap. I look at almost EVERYTHING before I throw it away or recycle it.

So the way I look at life is like this: If I didn't have to pay money for something and it's not something I was going to buy originally then that is gravy & improves my quality of life for very little expense on my part (Only expense is time and if you watch tv - seriously? you have time!!)

If that something that I got for free or extra-super-amazing cheap - well THAT, my friend, is money in my pocket!!!

So here is the scoop around the blog-0-sphere that will put some extra cash in yo pocket!

FREE/Cheap Archer Farm Ham Slices At Target - Who says nothing in life is free??

Coupon for a Free Sausage Biscuit at Waffle House - I Heart Saving Money

Free International Delight Creamer - I heart Saving Money

Spud Buds $1.99 at Kmart - I Heart Saving Money

I got more coming....Just let me write it :)


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