Monday, December 14, 2009

$1.00/1 coupon on 4 General Mills cereals!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey!! I wanted to share something really awesome that I got in email the other day!! General Mills & My BlogSpark shared this with me to share with you!! Go HERE to print a $1/1 coupon good on the following General Mills Cereal:

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • Cocoa Puffs
  • Lucky Charms (HURRAY!!!)
  • Trix
General Mills has also announced a commitment that they are reducing sugar in cereals that are marketed to children under age 12 down to less than 10 grams of sugar a serving. They have already made changes in the sugar content and I have noticed that the boxes of cocoa puffs I bought recently displayed info about extra calcium etc. Most childrens cereals have also been increasing the amount of fiber by switching to whole grains. Considering the obesity epidemic in America these days (And I have first hand experience with that...I once weighed 547 lbs!!!) it is about time that companies advertising to children kicked into high gear and General Mills is doing that!!! Big fat kudos to General Mills. Another added benefit of giving your children cold cereal for breakfast is that the child then gets at least a little bit of milk and the wholesome goodness included therein (Whether it's soy milk or almond or rice or cows or goats milk!!! If you would like additional information about kids and cereals, you can check out Cereal Health and Wellness.

I recently ate an entire box of the new cocoa puffs (They are BOGO at Publix right now!!) and they are delicious!!! I can't tell a difference between the old recipe and the new. My daughter is bizzare and really doesn't like cold cereal. Especially if it is pre-sweetened. I don't pretend to understand because I always enjoyed it. (My favorite cereal of alllll times is a tie between the ET cereal from circa 1983 and smurfberry crunch from around the same time. GM has resurrected the taste of ET in Resses Puffs. Just a different texture. Does anyone else remember the ET Cereal?

I am going to try to hold out for Lucky Charms to go BOGO - i'm excited about trying the lower sugar variety of that.

Disclosure: General Mills and MyBlogSpark provided me with information and are sending me free product coupons. All opinions and commentary are my own! (I totally copy & Pasted I Heart Publix's Disclosure Statement bc it was worded way better than I had mine worded!!! - Sorry Michelle !!!!)


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