Sunday, November 1, 2009

Target Special K & jeans deal :)

This post was inspired by two friends of mine who are addicted to the Special K with Red Berries. It is actually pretty tasty so I might have to take advantage of this deal but we'll have to see :)

You may or may not have heard but Special K has a deal going on where you can get a $10.00 voucher off of a pair of jeans.

You need to buy 5 specially marked packages of Special K and cut out the tokens on the package to mail in to Special K. Details are on the link here.

This week Target has a deal going on that helps you out if you want some cheap jeans...

$1/1 - Coupon amount Save $1.00 on 1 of that item.
$2/1 - Coupon amount Save $1.00 on 2 of that item.
YMMV - Your Mileage may vary - Your results may not be the same as mine :)
Tools to help you:
The Target coupon Generator is here. You will want to print 8 of the $1/1 Kellog cereal coupons.
Print 2 if you like this kind!!! Special K blueberry cereal $1/1 coupon here.
Print 2!! Print Special K cereal $1/1 coupons here.

Other coupon options are:
$1/2 boxes of any Kelloggs Cereal 11.0 oz or larger. Blinkie

Here are two different scenarios for you :)
Be sure to take your reusable bags to Target - They are now giving you 5¢ credit per bag!!

Target is running a Buy 3 get 1 free sale on certain cereals: Kellogs Raisin Bran Crunch, Special K Red Berries, Frosted Flakes and some select others. $2.66 each!

Scenario 1 - the I have more than 1 printer Scenario :)
Transaction 1
$10.64 Buy 4 boxes of Special K Cereal
-$2.66 Get a box FREE!
-$4.00 Target Printable Coupons (4 of them!)
-$4.00 4 Special K printable coupons
Transaction 2
Repeat Transaction 1!!
-5¢ 1 reusable bag!

8 totally FREE boxes of cereal plus you can now send away and get your $10.00 coupon off a pair of jeans.

Scenario 2: I don't really need 8 boxes of cereal Scenario!
Transaction 1

$10.64 Buy 4 boxes of Special K Cereal
-$2.66 Get a box FREE!
-$4.00 Target Printable Coupons (4 of them!)
-$4.00 4 Special K printable coupons
= -2¢ +tax due.

Transaction 2

$2.66 Buy 1 box of Special K Cereal
-$1.00 Target printable
-$1.00 Special K Printable
66¢ plus tax due.

So you pay 66¢ for five boxes of cereal plus your $10.00 voucher for jeans!!!!

A couple of notes:

*Target's policy where target printables are concerned is normally that they will only accept 1 of each like kind of coupon per transaction. In that case you would only be able to use 1 of the $1/1 Kellogg Target Internet Printable coupons on your order. SO YMMV on this deal!! In my experience the Target in MJ doesn't really care how many like Target IP's you use per order and the closest Super Target to us has never hassled me over using multiple Target IP's.

*In order to print enough $1/1 coupons you need access to multiple computers that can print. Be sure to print each coupon 2 times per computer!

*While you are at Target - Be sure to use this printable coupon and get a free 8x10 portrait without any sitting fees!
Huge thank you to couponing to Disney for her sweet, sweet Target deals that she put together that I pulled the Special K scenario & link for the photo coupon from for you. THANK YOU KRISTIN!!!!


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