Monday, November 2, 2009


So I was just looking through Michelle at I heart Saving Money's blog grabbing out drug store posts when I was stopped cold in my tracks. Almost to the point of snatching up my kids as is and going to target NOW. (and we'd be super cute since we are all 3 still gussied up in our pajamas!!!

As you know my daughter had a birthday last week (October 25th specifically!)

One of the toys she got is the Leap Frog Tag Junior system and 5 books to go with it.

I love my baby girl - she just turned 2!!! She got the tag junior system ON her actual birthday from her father. Well... You can connect the toy to the internet (In fact you have to connect it in order to download the audio for the books that your child is going to play with.) When you connect the tag jr it uploads information to the connect software. It tells the computer how long your child spent playing with each book, what his/her favorite page was and it tells you the skills your child has been working on.

Things Lila has learned and begun talking about since we got this system 8 days ago:
Shapes: Triangle, Circle, square, rectangle, star, balloon (Oval LOL)
Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow (She was working on these before...but is MUCH More vocal about them now)
Fruit names: banana, lime, pineapple

She has LEARNED More than that but those are things that I almost can't get her to shut up about. (not that i'd want her to!) Her favorite color seems to be blue - if she sees it she informs you it is BLUE!

Little Brother won't be 2 for a while...but I know of lots of other kids out there who may be interested in this might be nice to have 1 in my toy cabinet.

These typically retail for $34.99

Check out what you can do at Target:
Leap Frog Tag Junior System $28.99
-$10 off LeapFrog Tag Reading System (Target Toys Booklet)*Coupon does not excluded Tag Junior* (I MUST find this booklet - I think it's at customer service but can't swear to it!)
-$5 Tag Junior system PRINT
Using both coupons you pay $13.99

The Walmart ad for November 8th shows a Rollback on two tag jr books. They show Tag Jr Cars and Ni Hao Kai Lan books being rolled back to $8.00 each (They were $13.97)

If you are a leapfrog connect member and sign up for the learning path membership (it's free) then you become eligible for an automatic discount FROM Leapfrog of 20% off and free shipping.

After you sign up you can click through and get a coupon code that gets you 20% off plus free shipping at!

Prices from
Tag Jr ABC Animal Orchestra book - $9.99 - 20% = $8.00
All Other books: $10.99 - 20% = $8.79 each

The Tag Jr for Girls gift pack which is the leapfrog jr plus Dora 1-2-3 and Ni Hao Kai Lan is $50.99 on sale

$13.99 tag jr from target
$8.00 Ni Hao Kai Lan from Walmart next week (or price match at target!!!)
$8.79 Dora 1-2-3 from
$30.78 total

That is a pretty incredible deal if you asked me :) Which you didn't!


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