Monday, November 30, 2009

Lightscribe pen for $137.26 after gift card!!

So apparently the Livescribe Smartpens are ALL the rage these days. I had never heard of them till a few days ago (I am so out of the loop!!)

Right now if you go to This Page you can get the pen at and you get a free $30.00 gift card.

The pens are available in the 2GB or 4GB...This would be an amazing gift for a college student...check this out:

  • Captures over 200 hours of recorded audio or 32,000 pages of notes. (Actual available recording time varies by audio quality setting)
  • Instantly play back your recorded audio by tapping on your notes to listen to the information you captured
  • Share your recordings and notes with anyone privately or publicly with 500MB of free online storage for your recorded audio or notes
  • USB connector to transfer notes and audio to your Mac or PC
  • Audio jack and 3-D Recording Headset for far-field recording

Details about the pen:
The Pulse smartpen records audio and links it what you write. Missed something? Tap on your notes or drawings with the tip of your Pulse smartpen to hear what was said while you were writing.

When I was pursuing my degree one of the hardest parts for me was writing notes and sometimes in a hurry to get my notes written i'd write them WRONG. Or carelessly skip a word or write illegibly ;) so then I'm sitting there for an hour trying to figure out what on earth I meant to say when I could be studying. You could take this pen and tap that spot in your notes and it would play back the audio of what the professor said when you were writing that!!

You can upload your notes to your laptop or desktop computer after class thereby avoiding dragging your laptop to class and having the added distraction of facebook and myspace and google during class!

Your lab partner missed a class of organic chemistry? No problem - easily share your notes or create movies from your notes to share with others!

When you order the pen this is what comes in your package:

  • The Pulse smartpen (1.3 ounces, anodized aluminum housing)
  • 2 GB of memory (actual user available memory will be less)
  • Livescribe Desktop software (download)
  • 3-D Recording Headset
  • 100 sheet dot paper college-ruled notebook
  • USB mobile charging cradle
  • Smartpen case
  • 3 black fine point ink cartridges + 1 stylus cartridge
  • Demo card and interactive stickers
  • Interactive Getting Started Guide

The Pulse smartpen works only with Livescribe dot paper.

Here is the link to the paper - this paper is under $20.00 so you could turn around and use your $30.00 giftcard on this but you'd have to pay for shipping then. Or you could just add it to your order and get it shipped for free...
Livescribe Single Subject Spiral Notebook, 4-Pack, Nos. 1-4

Here are the steps to get the deal...

1. Go to the link above and put a checkmark in the box of the pen of your choice and a checkmark in the box for the $30.00 gift card.
2. Go ahead with your checkout procedure.
3. The pen will ship for free because you've reached the super saver limit and you will see the discount during the checkout process (after you input credit card info and such - don't worry!! there is a confirmation page after that - I always forget and agonize over whether to click the button to move on after I put my credit card info in!! I am so silly!!)

Apparently when you purchase $75.00 or more worth of electronics from you can get a 1-year subscription to wired magazine included with your purchase (a $10.00 value!!) Here is the info on how to do that and get the subscription!!

What an amazing Christmas gift for the techie or college student (OR writer) in your life :)


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