Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kids Deals and Christmas menagerie...

We have been having a hectic time in our household - I am switching to cloth diapers from disposables and trying to get ready for Thanksgiving among 37 million other things but I really want to share some information with you guys :)

So here is a quick post for you :)

Learn how to get Santa Buddies Blu-Ray and DVD Combo pack for just $10.00 (If you didn't know - this comes with the blu ray and the dvd so you can use either/or/both!!!) here.

That is over at Michelles I heart saving money site. She also has a post to help you get the snow white dvd and Santa Buddies Blu-ray combo pack for just under $9.00 at toys r us!!! the link is embedded in the link above :)

Here is a link to her kid stuff category.

Here is another discussion of the subject over at couponing t0 Disney.


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