Monday, November 9, 2009


Okay So how many of you love being your kids hero in general? I LOVE IT!!! I love being able to make things magical for my children. Fortunately my little girl makes me feel 10 feet tall and bullet proof. I took dinner out of the oven the other day and she was standing there and screamed "OH WOW!!!!!! WOW MAMA WOW!!!!" and applauded then sang out "EAT, EAT, WOW MAMA, EAT!" Who felt like Rachel Ray???? This girl did!!! :)

Well have I got a deal for Super Mom & Super Dad!!!! Take a look at my pal Mr. Potato Head!!!

I think he is super cute!!!! and he would look rather handsome sticking out of the top of your little ones stocking this year for the price of 99¢!!!

YES You read that right. If you scrounge on the ground and manage to find like 116 pennies you are sure (as long as your tax is less than 16%) to be able to snatch one of these puppies up at target!! :)

There are printable TOY COUPONS here. They expire sometime in January so go ahead and print some and save them for a sale or something :) Or don't print them but make sure you print the coupon for the Spud Buds toy!!!! (Double check before printing that your coupon is -$5.00 and says "Spud Bud" on it!!! There is a $2.00 off Mr. Potato Head coupon also!)

Then visit Target and pick up the $5.99 Christmas version of this cutie Patootie and wait to light up your little ones life in a little over a month.

Don't have kids? Don't have a kid who would appreciate Mr. Potato Head??? That's fine! I think you should pick one up anyway and donate it to an angel tree somewhere, or if you know a family in need - donate it anonymously to the parents (pre-gift wrapped) with a little note listing what it is. Angel Tree Programs would take these and so would just about any sort of Christmas/kids/charity program you could imagine. I bet even homeless shelters would take them to give to homeless children on Christmas eve and in TN with our 9% tax - $1.07 can seem like a lot of cash when you have no income (Believe me. I know!) but look at the power of that $1.07!!

Thanks Couponing To Disney For the heads up!!!


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