Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blastoff Review

Oh look!I had five minutes continuously together so I could draw a winner out of my blastoff giveaway. (actually - i evidentally don't have that...since i have two babies crawling all over me. One is sick and whiney and the other one is just little and needy :) He is also mad at me because I will not allow him to type his 40 page discertation on important baby information that he is trying so desperately to type!!

i hope you guys enjoyed the giveaway as much as I did. I really really enjoyed your comments. i especially enjoyed the comment from someone who said "thanks for a social networking site that work hasn't blocked yet." that comment made me laugh :)

Unfortunately I can only have one winner. And the winner is....

My favorite thing about this website is the concept. I hate having like 10 tabs open and moving from one to another. Everything in one window is smart!! Looking forward to it! THANKS!

An email has been sent to her and hopefully she will email me back within 48 hours and i can get her prize to her - Congratulations Michelle! :)


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