Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sorry if I"m moving slowly this week folks!

I apologize if it seems that I am moving slowly this week. Somehow someone has brought the monkey pox into my house!! Yes! The Monkey Pox! :)

Ok possibly not really :) Maybe in reality I only have a 7 month old with an ear infection and a baby who is almost 2 with a perforated ear drum and subsequent ear infection AND sores in her mouth....

...and in reality i really only WISH I had monkey Pox. I began feeling some flu like symptoms this afternoon around 2-3pm and i'm running a low-grade fever now. I feel like i'm reading a comfortable old book with a scary ending. So tomorrow instead of going to publix like I wanted I will be going to my doctor to see if my illness is monkey pox or the flu. I'm hoping for monkey pox myself ;)

because not only is it an invented non-real disease - because I invented it I can say with authority it's a much milder NON-CONTAGIOUS disease!!

Speaking of Publix I will have that ad up shortly.


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