Friday, October 9, 2009 80% off!!!

I'm really excited to announce that I got an e-mail this morning from CJ letting me know that you can now Save 80% off on every $25 Gift Cert. order. Use code FOUR and Pay $2 thru 10/12/09 only at

Just click the link to go through to and go shopping for some early Christmas Presents.

Me personally? I plan to take advantage of this when I get home. I have some Christmas Gifts I need to grab up. I bet my brother would take COMPLETE advantage of one of these and the good news is - he doesn't read my blog so he'll be completely clueless ;) These would be great for co-workers or your boss or many other people.

Also don't forget you can EMAIL the certificates to people rather than printing them yourself so if you are overseas you can save on international postage charges!! :)

And now? It's off to the pediatrician I go! Kids are sick again!!


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