Monday, October 5, 2009


Okay... so you may have somehow missed the fact that I have a PRINCESS CRAZED soon to be 2 year old at my house. I feel like I live with a tiny gang member. Santa brought a princess couch last Christmas and I can't even say that started it. I don't even know WHAT started it. My little OGP (Original Gangsta Princess ;) ) has SEVERAL Princess shirts, princess shoes, a princess jacket, a princess couch, princess socks, and various other princess paraphenalia. Here is the really fun part: SHE HAS NEVER seen a princess movie.

Well as I was grabbing our drug store deals from Michelle I found this incredible post... if you plan on grabbing the snowwhite combo pack and doing the hefty MIR I suggest going to Toys R us. Apparently you will be able to get a free toy by doing so - check michelle's post here to see how.

I was going to just grab the DVD for a Birthday gift or maybe a stocking stuffer and hide it in my cart but I can't do that now... I can't conceal more than one princess item from the watchful eyes of a toddler.

Go visit Michelle to see how you too can turn your home into a Princess Gangsta's paradise..


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