Wednesday, October 21, 2009



A miracle has occured in this crazy household! my toddler and infant are sleeping and neither are sleeping on top of me and i'm not falling over with exhaustion just yet so i'm able to share with you folks!

Just to share and keep you updated as to why I am not blogging as often these days...Sickness has seriously invaded the crazy household!! My daughter has a drug-resistant staph growing in her little ear :( (it is NOT MRSA but turns out it's resistant to everything except two specific drugs...) But I digress...

Here are some cool things i've noticed for you folks :) Don't know if anyone else has posted about these but that's okay :)

National Deals/Non-Deals:

$10.00 Sit-N-Spin at Target...So this past Sunday There were $10.00/1 Sit - N - Spin coupons in our inserts. Recently the same coupon was available for printing on ...I had noticed several folks recommending using the coupon at Target this week because the SNS was ONLY $20.00 so that coupon made the toy only 10 bucks. I went to Target today with the intention of doing just that but I noticed something....Guys - this isn't really a good deal!!! Target's EVERY DAY price for the Sit N Spin is $21.99!!! It's on sale a whopping 2 bucks...which - me personally? I'll be saving my coupons for a while....

Free candy at walgreens
I'm afraid I am going to end up regretting sharing this before getting mine but maybe we can all agree not to clear the shelves :)

Walgreens has Nestle Candy on sale 2/$4.00 this here and go print the $2.00/1 Nestle Candy coupon 2 times. You can go to Walgreens and snatch up two bags of candy for free!! :)

I don't read so good. Sorry! I misread the size on the bags

The Put some jingle in your holidays $10.00 Rebate is pretty useful this week if you have a publix and like/use/need crackers :)
You can print 2 $1/2 coupons at that link. If you are lucky enough to have access to the nabisco calenders it's even better - you need 5 of these coupons :) or you could just access 3 computers and print 6 coupons.

This week at Publix:
Ritz Crackers BOGO $3.49
$17.45 Total for 10 boxes of Ritz Crackers
-$5.00 (5 $1/2 coupons from the link or the calender)
$12.45 total due out of pocket
Submit for your $10.00 Rebate
After everything is said and done you have paid $2.45 for 10 boxes of crackers which makes each box about a quarter.


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