Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stockpiling or hoarding?

Just a brief - quick and to the point message ... because I have never taught this here or posted it, unless you read other blogs then you may be unaware. It is extremely RUDE and unwise to clear the shelves.

There will ALWAYS be another deal.

Do I think it's a bad thing to clear the shelves if there are 8 boxes of something left and you take all 8? Not really - no - that would be a normal stockpile purchase.

I think stockpiling is awesome. I bought 24 jars of spaghetti sauce Monday at Kroger. I also left behind over 100 jars. Would I have bought 24 jars if there had been a lower number on the shelf? Maybe. I would have gone to customer service and asked if they had any more in the back and if so I would have gone to purchase it without a second thought.

Did you know that most grocery stores will place a special order JUST FOR YOU for free? So let's say that you happen to have 100 coupons that make something super cheap after a sale. You could call your local kroger manager or go visit him and just tell him that you want to special order 100 boxes of Trail mix.

Chances are VERY good that if he is able to get his hands on 100 boxes of trail mix he will order that for you and not even ask any questions!! You don't have to explain why either. Just that you'd like a special order.

Today I was reading through the blogosphere when I came across my pal Becky's blog. (Becky writes Frugal in Franklin) Becky directed us over to Faithful & Frugal who shops at the spring Hill Publix. Apparently some people in Spring Hill abused the system at Publix and now they have new rules there.

Just remember it only takes one person to spoil things for everyone else and because i've never mentioned it here before I just wanted to mention...


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